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Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal is the premiere Junk Car Free Removal Company, serving Orem and the local surrounding counties. Our goal is to provide the best Auto Wrecker Services in Orem, UT. We are the most trusted source for Junk Car Towing in Utah. No title, no problem, we can still help you. Abandoned Vehicle? We have a Private Property Impound Service and more.

Why choose Stephenson Bowen?

At Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal our objective is to get you the best offer of cash for your junk cars as possible. Whether it is from us or from a different auto salvage yard, we remain in this for the fulfillment of aiding others as well as offering fantastic client service. Whether you offer your junk car to the Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal or not, we intend to help make your encounter the very best possible. We care about everyones personal situation, even if we are doing you the favor of removing an unwanted vehicle.

$ Most Cash Back! $

In order to ensure the most cash back for your junk car in Orem, we created a list of the leading local auto junk yards so you can get a reliable junk car quote. This kind of service is what makes us shine. We will supply you with that convenience since we only work with the credible auto junk yards, you can save the time and know it’ll be Stephenson Bowen who helps. However if you want to call around for a junk car quote we’ll have a list for you.

The best part is…

Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal offers affordable Dumpster Rental service. As Scrap Metal Buyers, we have extensive knowledge in Junk Car Removal. We also Scrap Heavy Machinery. Our staff is dedicated to the needs of each and every one of our customers.

The name you can trust

We are a company that is trusted within our local community. We specialize in Junk Car Free Removal. View our video to learn more about Stephenson Bowen Recovery & Removal, the go-to Auto Wrecker for exceptional Auto Wrecking Services. Call us today at 801-331-5277.


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  • Car Impound Service

  • Utah County
  • Abandoned Vehicle

  • No Title Vehicle Removal

  • Scrap Metal Buyers

  • Junk Car Free Removal

  • Scraping Heavy Machinery

  • Private Property Impound Service


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